Could EDDC Tiggers not find ONE “independent” to chair the Development Management Committee?

OK, we now refer to the ruling group at EDDC as


a coalition of a mix of western-side “Independents” with western-side Tories.

And the Tiggers couldn’t even find ONE of their “independents” to chair the Development Management Committee!

Tory Mike Howe now holds the casting vote if the committee splits 50/50 on anything …


5 thoughts on “Could EDDC Tiggers not find ONE “independent” to chair the Development Management Committee?

  1. My impression of Ben Ingham is that he is highly ambitious and has had his sights on being Leader of the council for years, and that he approached the EDA and became their leader for a year or two with an intention of using the EDA to further this goal and then left when questions starting being asked about his ongoing relationship with the Tory administration.

    When the election results were announced, I predicted that his hijacking of the council would be the outcome – and unfortunately it seems that this has turned out to be the case.

    Under the Tories, the EDA councillors were ignored and mistreated, and it is a shame that this is continuing under Ben Ingham’s leadership. I would hope that he will be horrified to know that people see him as being like Paul Diviani – but I fear that his ambition will blind him to such comparisons.

    We can only hope that his coalition partners will start to become as disillusioned with him as Tory MPs have become with Theresa May, and that the coalition will break and be re-constituted giving the IEDA councillors greater participation.


  2. Dear Owl

    Just two points of information re the above

    a) Mike Howe is already a much-admired chair of Development Management, and as someone who believes in the best person for the job whatever political background I have no personal problem with his continuing

    b) Independent East Devon Alliance councillors were ready, willing and eager to become as many Cabinet members or committee heads as we were asked to be, but the Leader of the Independent Group, now of the Council, Ben Ingham, refused to consider us.

    all best

    Paul Arnott


  3. Please will you silly sheep grow up, stop the childish insults and focus on today’s very important election. Then reflect on your part in these events, publish the information I requested on another of your threads and consider what can be done to move forward.


  4. TiggerTories… love it. Tomorrow we’ll blog it out loud and clear.
    Ben Ingham’s ‘TiggerTories’ now ruling the EDDC roost. What a huge disappointment to those of us who were hoping for a real transformation. Instead we’ve ended up with more of the same.


    • Do your research. No one in EDA wanted to step up to do any of the the Chair jobs or leadership positions. Why? Because then they would be accountable for decisions. So instead of casting aspersions that suit your views, maybe for once ask those elected EDA candidates about what really happened. The reason Mike Howe is Chair of Development Management is because all the others pleaded with him to do it due to their lack of backbone when it came to difficult planning decisions .


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