The new council at EDDC – “Independent Group” stitches up Independent East Devon Alliance, opting for cosy relationship with old-style Tories!!!

No representation at all for East Devon Alliance members, except Val Ranger for symbolic appountment as Deputy Chairman. Lib Dems totally excluded too.

Stuart Hughes (Tory) voted in as new Chairman – unopposed and nominated by Independent Ben Ingham and seconded by Tory Phil Twiss!

Says it all really …

Vice-Chairman Val Ranger – EDA

New Leader – Ben Ingham – Independent Group, Exmouth

New deputy leader – Susie Bond – Independent Group, Feniton

Committee chairmen:

Overview – Nick Hookway – Independent Group, Exmouth
Scrutiny – Alan Dent – Tory, Budleigh
Housing Review Board – Tony McCollum – Independent Group, Honiton
Strategic Planning Committee – Susie Bond – Independent Group, Feniton
Development Management Committee – Mike Howe – Tory, Clyst Valley
Audit and Governance – Sam Hawkins, IndeGroyp, Cranbrook
Standards – Stuart Hughes – Tory, Sidmouth Sidford
Interviewing (chief officers) – Ben Ingham, Independent Group, Exmouth
Employment Appeals – Susie Bond – Independent Group, Feniton
Licensing and Enforcement – Paul Jarvis – Independent Group, Budleigh

So, first day – sold out.

Owl knew it had to keep an eye on this lot …

A bad, bad day for East Devon.

4 thoughts on “The new council at EDDC – “Independent Group” stitches up Independent East Devon Alliance, opting for cosy relationship with old-style Tories!!!

  1. I watched this as it happened. Could hardly believe it. Who the hell does Ben Ingham think he is ? He’s a Tory in disguise. How on earth did this happen? So we got rid of the Tories only to have pseudo Tories take their place. Alan Dent? Michael Howe? For goodness sakes you can’t get more Tory austerity than these two.


  2. Shame on the leaders of both Independent groups and the LibDems for allowing this to happen. Before anyone starts flinging dung please reflect on the fact that collectively you have allowed the undagged tory tail to wag the Independent dog. Can you please publish details of what the western Independent group offered IEDA to achieve a deal and what your demands were in return. And don’t forget that if the western Independents were reduced by the defections of false flags, as rumoured, then the Tories became the largest group, putting the whole situation in the hands of the Chief Executive. You are all behaving like children and you have cost us dear. How are we to deal with the corruption now?


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