TiggerTories announce new Cabinet at EDDC – more pro- and ex-Tories included

The shoddy saga continues.

“Cllr Bond is in charge of Strategic Development,
Cllr Kevin Blakey the economy,
Cllr Megan Armstrong holds the Homes and Communities portfolio,
Cllr Geoff Jung has the Environment portfolio, with Cllr Peter Faithfull having the assistant environment portfolio.
Newly elected councillors Jess Bailey and Paul Millar have the Corporate Services and Transformation portfolios respectively.

[Note: Owl has been requested to say that those named above are NOT and have never been Conservatives – that refers to those named below in BOLD].

Cllr Geoff Pook retains the Asset Management portfolio he held under the Conservative administration, while Cllr Ian Thomas, the former leader of the council who quit the Tories and became an independent in the run up to May’s election holds the Finance portfolio, the role he held before becoming leader last May.


One must recall Councillor Thomas’s words when he jumped the Tory ship:

“Cllr Thomas said: “With a heavy heart, I confirm my resignation from the Conservative Party on April 17, 2019.

“My decision was in no way related to the excellent case being presented by East Devon District Council Conservatives in the pre-election period. Theirs is an outstanding presentation based on the performance delivered by a capable and experienced Conservative led team.

“It rather reflects deep disappointment in the performance of the Party elsewhere. …”


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