Greater Exeter Strategic Plan – further thoughts from a resident

I am the East Devon resident who now has answers to my question of May 24th on growth and the Greater Exeter Strategic Plan, thanks to Owl. Philip Skinner (conservative) and Susie Bond (independent) will represent EDDC.

So, East Devon’s future housing growth will still remain in the hands of Philip Skinner, he of the “22 ft extending mahogany board room table” fame. He who “put forward the idea of developing a regionally or nationally significant sports arena and concert venue within the GESP area.” (where?? more grade 1 agricultural land?)  He who has spent £285,305, and counting, of council tax money , as Chairman of Exmouth Regeneration Board , for the fun park in Queen’s Drive, Exmouth.

He, who is on the board of directors of the Exeter Science Park- a network of professionals experienced in a range of sectors, from finance to property, technology to business. His c.v. for that board boasts

“Councillor responsibilities include being portfolio holder to both the economy and development management and he also represents EDDC on the Greater Exeter Strategic Plan (GESP) steering group. He is Chairman of the Exmouth Regeneration Board and is very much at the forefront of place shaping for not only EDDC but for the region.”

Additionally, Mr Skinner’s other district duties stretch him in to other areas such as; A member of the Heart of the South West LEP Joint Committee, The Exeter and Heart Of Devon Growth Board, Joint Advisory Reference Group, and the Greater Exeter Strategic Sports Board” (unless he has been removed from any of these posts – they still remain on his Register of Interests).

Ms. Bond , EDDC councillor for Feniton, has fought tooth and nail for Feniton, its flooding issues and over- development problems over the years.

So whose view will be heard on the GESP?

I didn’t vote independent at the district election for the same old faces and with that the same old growth policies. And I am sure I am not the only one.