Where does EDDC now stand on climate emergency?

Owl is surprised there isn’t a lead councillor for climate emergency … Oh, wait, the CEO has already made the climate emergency policy himself:


Presumably, the job will be for new Councillor Sam Hawkins (Estates and Property Services) and Asset Management Group’s Geoff Pook to sort out between them.

Here is Devon County Council’s pathetic attempt to do something:


taking the St Francis of Assisi approach – “make me a saint, but not yet”.

It’s going to get very warm EDDC’s new HQ in Honiton – especially in that long, narrow, dark Council Chamber; no opening the french doors in the Members Room next door, with the view out to the gardens and out to sea with a cooling breeze … just the noise from the slip road to the A35 or, if you are really lucky, a view of Aldi or Lidl – or possibly both!

But no worries – the climate cost and real cost of the air-conditioning in summer and heating in winter will not be as high as in the old HQ …..