Swire says Exmouth deserves “a better museum” …

[corrected to show Exmouth Museum has a £1 entrance fee]

… and coincidentally, of course, thinks it should be on the seafront and incorporated into a tourist attraction that people pay a lot for. Exmouth Myseum charges £1 entry fee.

One must remember that Swire Swire was sacked in the July 2007 Conservative re-shuffle for suggesting his party would scrap free museum entry …


Ever the privatiser!

Sounds something like the Seaton Jurassic Centre, where entry is from £8 (senior) to £22 for 2 adults and 2 children (entry for one year).

“Sir Hugo said Exmouth ‘deserves a better museum’ and thinks there is a place for it on the seafront.

He said: “That might be somewhere on the Queen’s Drive by developing a visitor centre which could educate people on the Jurassic Coast. …”


Currently Exmouth Myseum is free. Seaton Jurassic is run by Devon Wildlife Trust, and the cost of entry at present is anywhere from £8 (senior) to £22 for a family of 2 adults and 2 children.

One thought on “Swire says Exmouth deserves “a better museum” …

  1. Amazing – Swire actually knows that Exmouth exists and that it has a museum. However, the key things to take from this article are:

    1. The museum itself disagrees with his assessment; and

    2. The museum believes that Swire hasn’t yet actually visited the museum himself – otherwise why invite him to “see for himself” if he has already visited. In which case his comments are at best 2nd hand, probably prompted by Conservatives at Town Council level.

    Considering this further…

    a. In the interests of transparency, perhaps Hugo Swire will be honest with the electorate about whether he has previously visited or not; and

    b. If not, be up front about where his views really came from, and apologise to us all for presenting them as his own.

    If you look at Swire’s blog, he is always up for a photo-opportunity – every visit he makes seems to be considered as such. But there is only one article on his personal web site https://www.hugoswire.org.uk/ that even mentions Exmouth Museum and that is dated from 8 years ago and only mentions the museum for having had someone attend a railway anniversary in period costume. Hardly the basis for any form of informed opinion is it?


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