Nepotism, £1,000/hr consultancy …. yes, it’s a new Tory cabinet!

Johnson has appointed his previously Remain brother to his cabinet, and now …

The new home secretary, Priti Patel, holds a £1,000-an hour contract with a global communications firm that supplies products and services to the UK government, the Guardian can reveal.

Patel, who was appointed on Wednesday by the new prime minister, Boris Johnson, as a part of a wholesale gutting of the cabinet, has been working for Viasat for the past three months as a strategic adviser earning £5,000 for five hours’ work a month.

She recorded the role on the MPs’ register of interests, and the contract is due to expire on 31 July.

Viasat, a Californian company with a UK base in Farnborough, supplies services and products to the Ministry of Defence (MoD). The MoD works in collaboration with the Home Office on numerous projects, including the Innovation and Research Insights (IRIS) Unit, which sets up technology-based contracts for both departments.

Patel, who was forced to resign from government two years ago for failing to disclose secret meetings with Israeli ministers, is understood to have been advising Viasat on a matter relating to India.”

“Amazon CONFIRMS it is moving Exeter operations to 100,000 sqft facility close to Cranbrook”

but not all good news:

New housing minister has great credentials …. not!

In addition to having 3 expensive homes (but calling himself ‘an ordinary businessman’) Jenrick has other “qualities” to recommend him, not least ANOTHER auctioneer a la Swire -and also a residency in Moscow! Perhaps he got some housing ideas there ..

“Robert Jenrick has been appointed Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government in Boris Johnson’s first Cabinet.

Jenrick was elected Conservative MP for Newark in June 2014 and has served as Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury since January 2018.

His previous roles have included acting as Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice.

He replaces James Brokenshire who yesterday announced he was returning to the backbenches.

Jenrick studied History at St John’s College, Cambridge and was Thouron Fellow in Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania. He qualified as a solicitor in 2008 and practised corporate law at international law firms in London and Moscow. He then went on to have a career in business, notably at Christie’s, the art business. …”

EDDC Tories appear in Private Eye’s “Rotten Boroughs” column

From the blog of DCC EDA Independent Councillor Martin Shaw:

Private Eye goes to town on EDDC Tories’ handout to developers of the Knowle

Oh dear – and now “The Independent Group” led by EDDC Leader Ben Ingham has chosen to cosy up to Tories, rather than East Devon Alliance independents, whom he has frozen out.

With current Councillor Ingham having the been a member of all 3 groups and Leader of 2 of them (former Tory, former Leader of East Devon Alliance and current leader of ‘The Independent Group’) he really has to decide which side of the fence and his cohort are on!

Or maybe he has already decided – given that he appointed a Tory as Chairman of the Development Management Committee, who then used his casting vote to push through a controversial planning applucation in Axminster, opposed by Axminster EDA councillors on safety and pollution grounds:

Reality check needed for some of his colleagues, perhaps?