Boris’s Rasputin: don’t do as I do …

Brings backsome old memories:

Anyone see parallels?

“Boris Johnson’s controversial enforcer, Dominic Cummings, an architect of Brexit and a fierce critic of Brussels, is co-owner of a farm that has received €250,000 (£235,000) in EU farming subsidies, the Observer can reveal.

The revelation is a potential embarrassment for the mastermind behind Johnson’s push to leave the EU by 31 October. Since being appointed as Johnson’s chief adviser, Cummings has presented the battle to leave the EU as one between the people and the politicians. He positions himself as an outsider who wants to demolish elites, end the “absurd subsidies” paid out by the EU and liberate the UK from its arcane rules and regulations.

But his critics say the revelation that Cummings has benefited from the system he intends to smash underscores how many British farmers are reliant on EU money that would evaporate if the UK leaves.

An Observer analysis of Land Registry documents and EU subsidy databases reveals that a farm in Durham, which Cummings jointly owns with his parents and another person, has received roughly €20,000 a year for most of the last two decades.

The revelation opens Cummings up to charges of hypocrisy, as writing on his blog, he has attacked the use of agricultural subsidies “dreamed up in the 1950s and 1960s” because they “raise prices for the poor to subsidise rich farmers while damaging agriculture in Africa”. …”

One thought on “Boris’s Rasputin: don’t do as I do …

  1. Strange how it is that people are only too keen to claim income from regiemes they claim to despise. Farage and cronies hate the EU but ae qjuick to claim all the financial benefits. Are they proud to prove they are hyprocrites? Obviously this should be a warning to all those making donations to political parties that their contributions may yet be put to a use that was not planned for. Politicians are only interested in getting re-elected because how else do they keep their snoughts in the trough |(sorry ed that should have read how else can they continue to represent those supporting them without fear or favour)?


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