“Funding for poorest pupils ‘cut by more than £220m’ in real terms since Tories came to power, figures reveal”

“Funding for the poorest children in England’s schools has been cut by more than £220m in real terms since the Conservatives came to power, analysis suggests.

Pupil premium money, which is given to schools to help support the most disadvantaged pupils, will have declined by 8.4 per cent in real terms by 2020, figures shared with The Independent show. …

The pupil premium, which is handed to schools for each child eligible for free school meals (FSM), will be worth £220m less by the end of this school year than in 2015, figures show. …”

It comes despite a manifesto commitment from the Conservatives to protect the pupil premium.”


“Build commuter villages near train stations in green belt to solve housing crisis, Government told”

Fortunately, there is no green belt land in East Devon – most is around London – but our AONB could be at further risk – unless, of course, we get our Jurassic Coast National Park!

“A thousand “commuter villages” providing 2.1 million new homes should be built in the green belt near train stations to help solve Britain’s housing crisis, says a leading Government adviser and academic.

LSE professor Paul Cheshire, who has been a Government adviser for over a decade, said building the villages within 10 minutes walk of the 1,035 under-developed rail stations would offer easy and quick commutes to urban jobs while producing as many new houses as have been built in the last 15 years.

It would take commuters just 45 minutes to get to cities where they worked, providing them with environmentally “greener” and shorter journeys than many now face.

The 47,000 hectares of land needed would amount to just 1.8 per cent of the existing green belt in England but would increase the number of homes in Britain by almost 10 per cent.

Professor Cheshire’s report, for the think tank Centre for Cities, also calls for the current restrictions on affordable housing and community infrastructure levies to be replaced by a 20 per cent charge on developers when they sold the houses. …”


Who is our EDDC councillor for Brexit? Are we prepared?

Does anyone know who our “lead councillor for Brexit” is?

The government required every council to appoint someone to be responsible for Brexit preparations:


Searching under “Brexit” on the EDDC site brought up no information except generic government information non-specific to East Devon, instead the site kicks responsibility to our Local Enterprise Partnership, saying that:

“The Heart of the South West Growth Hub

Our LEP wide Growth Hub continue to update their Brexit page with useful links to trustworthy sources of information & advice, Brexit related events and other resources that could be of use to local businesses.

Find out more, see the HotSW Growth Hub Brexit Resources page.”


Unfortunately, the link to the resource page apoears to be dead!

This LEP page did again have some very general information:

Brexit Business Resources

So, how prepared is East Devon for Brexit and who is in charge?

It’s getting nearer …..