“Police recruitment delays as Home Office silent over funding”

“The government promise to recruit thousands of police officers within months is being jeopardised by delays in the Home Office telling forces how much extra money will be allocated to fund the scheme.

In early September the Conservatives reversed years of cuts and announced 20,000 new officers at a cost of £750m over three years.

But the 43 forces in England and Wales who are supposed to recruit 6,000 officers by the end of March still do not know how much money they will receive and how many officers they can afford to recruit.

Government sources expect it may take until December for each police force to learn how much money they will receive. Those trying to recruit fear it will delay providing enough officers to tackle the rising level of serious crime. …”


One thought on ““Police recruitment delays as Home Office silent over funding”

  1. There is also the minor problem of finding people capable of doing the job, and many are not, because many are no longer attracted to it. If this money ever does through they will end up recruiting anyone.


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