Want to park in Seaton when car park charges are hiked 50%? Buy a coach (free parking)!

Car parking charges are going up in ALL East Devon car parks by 50% and there will no longer be any free parking anywhere – except for coaches in Seaton it seems.

EDDC says it is to boost tourist numbers at the EDDC-owned but Devon Wildlife Trust-run Seaton Jurassic Centre. Can it do this? Favour free parking for council-owned facilities only?

“Seaton’s busiest car park is facing a 50 per cent price hike – while charges at another site could be scrapped to make it a ‘coach-friendly town’.

East Devon District Council (EDDC) is considering both moves among sweeping changes to its tariffs.

A year-long trial of free parking for coaches at Seaton Jurassic is being proposed in a bid to boost tourism.

The authority is also planning to increase the hourly rate at the Orchard car park from £1 to £1.50.

An evening and overnight levy would also be introduced as the facility. …

““During June and July, our coach parking revenue here was less than £100 so the risks associated with responding favourably to this request are minimal. …”

Bid to make Seaton a ‘coach-friendly town’ – as busy car park faces 50% price hike

One thought on “Want to park in Seaton when car park charges are hiked 50%? Buy a coach (free parking)!

  1. Dear Owl, the information you posted is not entirely accurate. As an EDDC Councillor and ward member for Seaton I asked for the free coach parking at the Seaton coach park (not the Jurassic car park). The request is part of the work started by a Seaton Town Councillor for Seaton to achieve Coach Friendly Status to be awarded by the Confederation of Passenger Transport if criteria are met. The intention is to attract more coach tour operators to Seaton to boost visitor numbers and help all the town retailers, many of whom are struggling for various reasons. I, along with many district Councillors, spoke against the proposed car park increases at the Cabinet meeting.


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