Cranbrook: one multi-purpose DCC building triggered – maybe, if money available

But no plans for anything else.

“If all goes to plan the community facilities building will include a flexible space for children’s, youth, adult and library services with potential use for public health and highways services, as well as town council working space.

The building could be completed within two years, if funding is secured.

The trigger point for the provision of the children’s centre facilities – 2,000 homes being occupied – has been met which means the Cranbrook consortium of developers have to construct the children’s centre facilities no later than June 10, 2021.

The existing planning agreement also requires them to provide town council offices in the town centre by June 2021, and youth facilities and a library when the 3,450th home is occupied, currently expected to be in 2025.

But council officers are recommending the agreements be renegotiated so that a multi-purpose building can be built.

Nearly 2,000 homes in the new town are currently occupied and while the town has a primary school, an allthrough school, a multi-purpose building with GP surgery space and a train station, the only building that has been provided in the town centre is a the pub Cranberry Farm.

Other facilities such as additional town centre shops and a food store are commercially led and will likely only come when there are more people living in the town. There are no fixed timescales for when it may happen. …”