“MP Neil Parish wants to hear from you”

Isn’t it strange that, just before elections, our MPs want to know what we think and the rest of the time they barely give us a thought!

Meanwhile, departing MP Hugo Swire has never really cared what we thought anyway and cares even less now so don’t expect any of thissort of electioneering from him!

“MP for Tiverton and Honiton, Neil Parish, is asking the members of his constituency to share their views on a number of topics – including the impending Brexit deal.

It’s a chance for the people of Honiton to voice their opinions on what is currently taking place within government and what roll-on effect this could potentially have on lives and businesses.

Neil Parish said: “As your local Member of Parliament I am keen to hear your views on the issues that matter to you, so I can continue campaigning to get a good deal for you.

“I am proud of all the work our local Conservative team has done so far. But there is more work to do.

“Please complete this survey so that you can have your say and make sure your interests are protected now and in the future.”


EDDC resigned/sacked councillor attempts to change constitution over parking price rises

Nice to see the non-Independent Group councillors of different parties and no party flexing their collective muscle!

“Councillor Paul Millar has tabled a motion for the next full council meeting, calling for car park strategy to be added to the list of 12 areas of policy the full council has the final say over – taking decisions out of the cabinet’s hands.

The cabinet, made up of nine councillors from the ruling Independent Group, has agreed to put parking charge changes out to a public consultation.

The proposals include raising the hourly rate in some East Devon car parks from £1 to £1.20 and introducing pay-and-display to previously free car parks.

According to the council’s constitution, cabinet can make decisions on parking changes without consulting full council.

Cllr Millar’s motion, which has been ratified by the chief executive, would force cabinet to make a recommendation to full council instead.

In an email seen by this title, Cllr Millar writes: “I believe this amendment is a vital safeguard to ensure the leader does not rush ahead with a consultation on a policy the vast majority of members do not support.

“It would be a waste exercise, and a waste of taxpayers’ money.

“I believe we must ensure that democracy is served.”

In response, East Devon leader Ben Ingham said: “With most notice of motions, unless I have put them forward or supported submission, I like to hear the debate in full before deciding.

“In the past, I have found keeping a motion simple is best.

“We shall see.”

Following the cabinet’s decision to launch a consultation, the proposals were called in by EDDC’s scrutiny committee which decided to set up a forum to consider car parking tariffs in East Devon.

Cllr Millar, an Independent councillor who is no longer part of the ruling Independent Group, is concerned that cabinet will press ahead with the consultation before the parking forum reports back with its findings.

The motion to change the constitution, set to be discussed at the full council meeting on Wednesday, October 23, has received cross party support having been seconded by Liberal Democrat Eileen Wragg.

Two other Lib Dem councillors and one Conservative have backed the motion.

Eight of the Independent East Devon Alliance councillors, including leader Paul Arnott, are listed as supporters.”


Councils scrutinising our Local Enterprise Partnership? In your dreams!


Thursday, 17th October, 2019

A meeting of the Heart of the South West (HotSW) Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) Joint Scrutiny Committee is to be held on the above date, at 2.15 pm

Here is the agenda for the scrutiny committee (and the minutes of the previous one):


and here is a chart which accompanies Agenda item 6:

Joint Scrutiny LEP Review (Pages 5 – 16)

from which it can be extrapolated that scrutiny …. needs tightening? … beset by lack of co-operation? … unsatisfactory? … non-existent? … utterly ineffective, pointless and dangerously ineffective stewardship of OUR money?

Take your pick?

Young people – your vote really CAN change history this time round


Since 2016 2 million older people have died. Research showed that their age group in 2016 voted for Brexit and denied or did not care about global warming and the destruction of our environment. Many had owned their own homes since they were in their 20s. By and large they did not want change.

Since 2016. 2.5 million teenagers have reached voting age. Although turnout in this age group tends to be low, those that would vote are overwhelmingly in favour of wanting Britain to stay in the EU, are unlikely to ever own a home, or, if they do so, it will be with help from asset-rich patents or not before they are in their 40s, mostly accept and are concerned about global warming and are passionate about the environment. They want CHANGE.

East Devon’s current MP (Conservative Hugo Swire, who votes for Brexit) is standing down and the most serious contender for his seat is local Independent Claire Wright.

Find out what she stands for here:


If you 2.5 million don’t vote you will have left YOUR future to older people to decide for you.

If you have not registered, register NOW:


and vote on the day!