Correction! WEDNESDAY crunch day for Indies at EDDC … and us

Elections for various posts will take place at the Annual Council meeting on WEDNESDAY (Blackdown House, Honiton, 6pm) where Leader, Chairman etc will be revealed.

Then the interesting bit.

How representative will the new cabinet be of different types of independents?

Jobs for the boys/girls or best man/woman for the job?

Will Greens or Lib Dems get a seat at the table?

Will it be loaded geographically to one side of East Devon or spread out equally?

Who will lead the influential Development Management Committee?

Who will represent EDDC at Greater Exeter Strategic Plan meetings?

Who will the MINORITY Conservative leader be?

Who will chair the Scrutiny Committee?

So many questions!

What’s the future for the Greater Exeter Strategic Plan? Highly debatable … unless …

Exeter – minor changes on 2 May (new Green Councillor, first Independendent councillor) but Labour still in control

Mid Devon – now no overall control (Lib Dems, Indies and Greens outnumber Tories)

Teignbridge – Lib Dems won control

East Devon – now no overall control (Indies, Lib Dems and Greens outnumber Tories)

Oh dear, looks like GESP may have to go back to the drawing board …

UNLESS the previous (unelected) councillors controlling it (Diviani for East Devon) and their bossy officers stitched it up before the falls from grace …

Torbay independents and Lib Dems join forces …

Owl still a bit mystified why East Devon Lib Dems want to go it alone … they would surely be a force for good countering the effect of pseudo-independents…

The Liberal Democrats and Independents have joined forces to take control of Torbay Council.

It follows the elections two weeks ago where no party won enough seats for outright control.

The Conservatives are the largest party, but now the Lib Dems with 13 seats and Independents with eight are linking up.

They say they have shared values and will work together on their priorities of housing, helping deprived areas and regeneration.”

Devon Lib Dems – what do they want?

What do Lib Dems want in Devon?

They don’t seem to know!

Independents and Lib Dems are working together in North Devon:

They are considering it in Torbay:

In East Devon Lib Dems say no:

Independents at EDDC … an interesting spread …

Independents by their nature are a funny bunch! With no party politics to bind them (a VERY GOOD thing!) what else can bind them?

The East Devon results are particularly interesting: a very cohesive group for the eastern area based on Exmouth, but with a smattering of Lib Dems and Greens, a very cohesive group for the whole of the Axe Valley and Yarty and a bunch of mostly newbies literally in the middle (Ottery St Mary, Cranbrook, Feniton).

Might we see a new way of doing things this time around – geographically rather than party politically? But might that have its own dangers as each area vies for scarce resources? Or, can the three different areas blend and share resources equitably and be seen to be doung so? The values of independents suggests they could if the will is there.

Now that would be interesting …..! It would certainly keep the now somewhat raggle-taggle mostly Honiton-based minority Tories on their toes and fighting their now very,very much smaller corner!

Interesting times … interesting times!

Broadclyst result – 1 Tory (not Diviani) and 2 Lib Dem

Rebecca-Jayne Lipscombe (Liberal Democrats) – 397
Rob Longhurst (Conservative) – 345
Chris Pepper (Conservative) – 506 ELECTED
Eleanor Rylance (Liberal Democrats) – 555 ELECTED
Sarah Louise Chamberlain (Liberal Democrats) – 612 ELECTED
Paul Diviani (Conservative) – 319
Henry Frederick Gent (Green) – 426