“Missing million voters whose decision could swing 40 seats”

“More than a million low-income voters who did not cast their ballot in the last election are planning to do so this time, in a sign they could play a crucial role in deciding the result.

Analysis shows as many as 1.2 million people on low incomes did not vote in 2017, but have since become politically engaged. The figure emerged from a major piece of work by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation charity, which has been attempting to identify the concerns of low-income families, with research already showing that there are 40 seats in which the number of low-income swing voters is bigger than the incumbent MP’s majority. Its research reports high levels of disillusion, distrust and cynicism among low-income voters, with many wary of broken political promises.

Crucially, the voters display different priorities to the population as a whole, with key issues including more secure tenancies in the private rented sector, more council and housing association homes for rent, and guarantees that social security benefits rise in line with inflation. …”


Ex-Monster Raving Loony Sidmouth Tory councillor releases Loony Tune for election

Owl doesn’t see anything remotely funny about the upcoming General Election but Stuart Hughes (ex-Monster Raving Looney Party and current Tory) does:

And who can forget the video he made to attract the “yourh” vote in East Devon with the very truthful title “We plan ANYWHERE”?

Perhaps “youth” shoyld think carefully before voting in this one …

Book of the Month

“Hugo learned a lot of things in high school, but never right from wrong – so when he was offered a full-ride scholarship to the college of his dreams in exchange for destroying the world, he signed up right away. Unethical ethics professors, econoanesthesiologists, how lawyers think they can bring forth Armageddon, a psychologist who asks patients to call him ‘Daddy’ – plus more trolley problems than you can shake a stick at – all in Hugo and the Greatest Good, a comedy about education, ethics, trolley problems, and, of course, destroying the world. Written by author Andrew Stanek because the forces of good were too late to stop him.”

(Available from Amazon)