East Devon: Vote Lib Dem, get Tory – the LiDems don’t seem to care

Local Lib Dems have attempted to explain why they are standing against Claire Wright. Owl is not publishing the link as Owl considers the article to be very “economical with the truth” to say the least and will not give them the further oxygen of publicity for their excuses.

They are attempting to say that Claire Wright has not been explicit enough about being anti-Brexit. They also say she hadn’t asked them to stand down!

Claire Wright has always been totally consistent in her support for remain – much more explicit than Lib Dems whose policies on Remain have wobbled precariously.

Indeed pro-Remain groups supported her for her Remain stance at the last election in 2017:


and Googling her provides HUNDREDS of links to her support for Remain.

True she is too highly principled to interfere in their internal debates. However, even the Lib Dems national Leader can’t influence them.

Owl suspects vastly over-estimated ego has trumped common sense and doing what is best for East Devon.