Senior Police Chief urges sunseekers to stay away from Beauty Spots

 No ii’s not Alison “Hideaway” Hernandez (Conservative), Police Crime Commissioner for Devon and Cornwall, but Martyn Underhill, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Dorset.

Alison Hernandez did back the call to stay away before Easter but couldn’t ever be described as having “led” the call – that came from Cornish leaders. She has left Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer to shoulder responsibility. In Owl’s view she fails the test of local leadership in this epidemic. 

Britons are urged to stay away from beaches today

Chris Jewers, Daily Mail Saturday

One of Britain’s most senior police chiefs has urged sunseekers to stay away from the country’s beauty spots today amid fears that overcrowding on beaches will make social distancing impossible. 

Thousands of Britons are expected to pack out tourist hot spots and seasides from today as the Bank Holiday weekend gets off to a balmy start, with temperatures of 66F expected.

Martyn Underhill, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Dorset, called on travellers to “use their common sense” as he predicted that today would be the busiest day of the year for beauty spots.

‘Yesterday was the busiest day in nine weeks and it was a normal Friday,’ he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.  

‘There are two main issues; one is those travelling in to the south west and two is those people who are attempting to stay in the south west.

‘As we saw in Bournemouth, there are lots of people on the beach and only a few are failing to socially distance. But as the numbers increase, the chances of socially distancing are reduced. 

‘The other issue we have in Dorset is that most of our beauty spots, such as Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door, you can’t properly socially distance trying to get to down to the beach. 

‘What we are saying is think twice and use your common sense. Ask yourself, “is what I’m doing safe and fair?”‘

Mr Underhill also hit out at Downing Street adviser Dominic Cummings, who it was revealed last night had flouted lockdown rules to travel from London to Durham.

He said that the timing of the revelation was unfortunate, and would embolden more Britons to travel long distances over an already busy weekend.

Tempers boiled over yesterday as locals clashed with vast hordes of tourists they say are blighting their parks and beaches since lockdown restrictions were eased ahead of the bank holiday weekend. 

Following the easing of some lockdown measures last week, there are no restrictions on how far people can go to get to the countryside, National Parks and beaches in England.

The Met Office is forecasting that temperatures could reach 66F on Satuday, and highs of 78F in London on Monday, with coastal areas likely to see highs of around 68F over the long weekend. 

Saturday is expected to be the coldest day, before the mercury climbs on Sunday and Monday, with wall-to-wall sunshine in the west and sunny spells in the east.

This has lead to officials warning potential day trippers to think twice before travelling to such beauty spots.