“What planet are they on?”

“What planet are they on?” is the question leading the Daily Mail’s front page on Monday. Angled on the backlash the PM has received – both from within the Conservative Party ranks and externally – the paper is critical of what it says is Boris Johnson’s “extraordinary” defence of his senior adviser. The Mail’s comment says Mr Cummings’ actions have “given every selfish person a licence to play fast and loose with public health”. (bbc newsaper headlines today).

How about the “planet of the Apes”  (alpha males obviously)? – Owl

For weeks ministers have stood at lecterns carrying the slogans:

Stay at Home – Protect the NHS – Save Lives

We were also told these were “instructions”.

Throughout its management of the pandemic the government has seemed to Owl to have spent disproportionate effort in devising such messages. To the extent of wrapping its strategy around the message rather than vice versa and even delaying the roll out of actions until the message has been formulated.

“Stay at Home” is crystal clear, what is it that Boris Johnson doesn’t get?

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  1. Observations in Budleigh Salterton certainly demonstrates the truth of the Mail’s comment that Mr Cummings’ actions have “given every selfish person a licence to play fast and loose with public health”
    Many families and bubbles of teenagers have joined together for picnics, BBQs, kayaking and sunbathing on the beach. Kids climb the fence to get into the locked skate park.
    Cyclists race up the public footpaths and on the Marine Parade. Social distancing is impossible. When challenged I am told I need to be flexible; they are an exception: “I have a bad back”; “my friend is not an experienced cyclist”; etc.
    Camping out all night occurs in South Farm Road. One gentleman said he lived in Exmouth so he was entitled to. My thoughts go to the sanitary arrangements of living in a converted van. It would be helpful if the farmer would put the bull back in the adjacent field!

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