Otterton residents face 10 month wait to vote on neighbourhood plan

Otterton residents may have to wait for 10 months before they can vote on a plan that aims to enhance and preserve the village.

The Otterton Neighbourhood Plan has been declared sound by a planning inspector. The next stage of the process before it comes into legal force is to go before the public in a referendum.

But under the Coronavirus Act 2020, no referendums are currently allowed to be held before May 5, 2021, meaning that the plan remains in abeyance until a referendum can be held.

The cabinet unanimously agreed to endorse the Examiner’s recommendations on the Otterton Neighbourhood Plan and agreed that the plan should proceed to a referendum, when the legislation allows for it to be held.

The plan outlines that reducing the volume and speed of traffic through the village and reducing heavy goods vehicles is a priority, as is resisting any future expansion of the Ladram Bay Holiday Park.