Latest update on Dr Cathy Gardner’s legal challenge

Judge to rule on November 19 whether the case can proceed to full judicial review. Fingers crossed – Owl

Update on Help me hold the government to account for Covid-19 care home deaths

Can you help my legal challenge to the government regarding deaths in care homes due to COVID-19?

You may have seen or heard worrying information in the news recently (e.g. Channel 4 News 17/09/20) about the risks still being faced by care home residents during this autumn and coming winter. 

These concerns include, amongst other things, hospitals discharging COVID-19 positive patients into care homes. Given what occurred earlier in 2020 it is particularly upsetting to see past mistakes at risk of being repeated and lessons not being learnt. I don’t want to see more families lose loved ones to this disease if those deaths can possibly be avoided.

As part of my case, I am concerned with the Government’s ongoing failure to take adequate steps to protect care home residents. It would help my case if I was joined in my legal challenge by someone who is currently in a care home or who has a relative in a care home and who shares my concerns. If this applies to you and you are interested in getting involved then please contact me at 

When replying, please explain how long you or your relative have been in a care home and whether anyone has had COVID-19 in the home. I won’t be able to respond to every email so thank you for replying and keep visiting my Crowd Justice page for updates on the case. 

Please pass this request on to anyone who might be able to help. Thank you.

We will be in court on November 19th when a judge will rule on whether we can proceed to bring the case to a full Judicial Review hearing. I am determined to hold the government to account for its failure to protect residents and care home workers.

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