Yesterday- Independent (ex-Tory) Leader of Mid Devon survives vote of no confidence

Is Mid Devon another council with a “LINO-in-waiting”? This is all to do with Mid Devon cabinet agreeing to pull out of GESP only to find their Leader turns around and persuades the full council to stay with GESP. He then sacks the Lib Dems in the cabinet, replacing them with Tories.

Report of another extraordinary meeting by another of Owl’s Correspondents:

30th September extraordinary meeting: narrowly defeated vote of no confidence in the allegedly independent leader (ex Tory) Bob Deed. 

The abstentions were critical and while one of the Greens voted No Confidence, Green cabinet-member Liz Wainwright abstained. 

Communique From Mid Devon Lib Dems

“Tonight [30 September] the Liberal Democrat’s at MDDC called a vote of no confidence in the Leader. We didn’t call the vote lightly but following our original support to the Leader, we felt that we no longer had the trust and faith for him to carry out his duties.

We sadly lost the vote with 13 votes to 19, with 5 abstentions. He received less votes than he did when elected and even two of his Cabinet members abstained, obviously they don’t have 100% faith in him!

The Liberal Democrat’s will continue to hold the Leader and Cabinet to account.

We have grave concerns over 3 Rivers, which could cost millions to you the tax payer and also GESP – the Leader made it pretty clear tonight that we were sacked for being against GESP, it will raise its head again and we won’t let Mid Devon become the dumping ground for other areas with mass building above what we are legally required to build.”