Local Politics and Strange Bedfellows – who IS Ben Ingham?

Old Owl comments on yesterday’s post about Ben Ingham’s ambition to become a Conservative County Councillor:

“I read with interest New Owl’s observations on Ben Ingham, who has run the gamut of political parties he has joined, left and sometimes led.

To recap: he has been a Conservative, an “Independent”, an Independent with the East Devon Alliance (and short-term Leader of that group), an Independent again (and short-term Leader of that group too) and now he has gone back full-circle to his first (East Devon) home – the Conservatives. For all I know he could have started off his political life as a Communist or Labour and he still has enough years left in him to join Greens, Lib Dems (assuming somewhat optimistically that they would have him) or UKIP, or Reclaim or any of the crackpot parties that pop up on both sides of the political divide from time to time.

It begs the question: what does Ingham ACTUALLY believe in politically?  And could we really believe him if he attempted to answer that question?

It seemed at one point he had a Damascene conversion – from blinkered thinking to open thinking but that has now been completely scotched.

One thing we can be absolutely sure of – he seeks political power and preferably wants to be a top dog and paid for it.  I see no evidence (though I am willing to be corrected) that he works within the community in any unpaid capacity (other than using political stepping stones) or that he gives more to his community than he takes.

Perhaps Mr Ingham might offer us all (not just his new Tory bedfellows) his thoughts on this political bed-hopping BEFORE standing again for elected office?

I guess, as New Owl points out,  he has not been interrogated substantially by his new political mates to any degree – as simply paying subs these days almost guarantees you will get a crack at a paid job, so old and ailing are many East Devon Conservative Party members (according to Sasha Swire).

Right-leaning voters of East Devon – is this really someone you think will represent your interests?  Or any interests?”

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  1. Perhaps it is time for a concerted attempt for Independents to take control at Devon County Council too.


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