UK COVID-19 vaccines delivery plan

Yesterday the Government published its 43 page vaccine delivery plan.

Owl found this interesting section under the heading:

Drawing on local authorities’ knowledge of their communities

Para 5.30

“Meaningful community engagement is also being led by local Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) across the country. For example, Devon ICS are working with national advocacy organisation Friend, Families & Travellers to produce a best practice guide to engaging with the traveller community which will include community informed communications and be shared across the country. Building on lessons learnt, Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire ICS are developing best practice approaches to engaging and supporting people experiencing homelessness, including providing accessible information and supporting GP registration. This is supported and shared nationally through well established networks of frontline outreach workers and practitioners. These are just two examples of community engagement that is going on up and down the country; systems are working hard to engage effectively with their local communities, through established community leaders, such as faith leaders, or by working with local partners to address the concerns and meet the needs of communities.”

There is also a separate map showing the vaccination sites that are open across the country, meaning 96% of the population is within 10 miles of a vaccine service. But,  looking at the map, journey distances seem to be based on “as the crow flies” which doesn’t reflect actual journey distance in rural areas.