Boris Johnson plans reform of the NHS in England

Boris Johnson is planning to reverse controversial reforms of the NHS in England, a leaked document reveals.

Goodbye Lansley? – Owl

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The changes would see a reduced role for the private sector, while a system of contracts being put out to tender, with health groups sometimes competing against each other, would be scrapped.

The draft policy paper also says the health secretary would take more direct control over NHS England.

It would sweep away reforms introduced by David Cameron’s government in 2012.

The 2012 Health and Social Care Act, brought in by the coalition government led by then-Conservative Prime Minister Mr Cameron, alongside his Health Secretary Andrew Lansley, put NHS England at arms length from the secretary of state.

It gave more control over budgets to GPs and other clinicians, while greater competition with the private sector was encouraged.

However, the changes were controversial and attracted criticism from opposition MPs and professional bodies representing doctors, nurses and other NHS workers.

The government’s draft White Paper says there will be “enhanced powers of direction for the government” to “ensure that decision makers overseeing the health system at a national level are effectively held to account”.

The document was published by health news website Health Policy Insight.

Instead of a system which required competitive tendering for contracts – sometimes involving private companies – the paper says the NHS and local authorities will be left to run services and told to collaborate with each other.

What is described as needless bureaucracy standing in the way of NHS organisations will be removed under the plans.

There will also be more focus on GPs, hospitals and social care services working together to improve patient care.

A Department of Health and Social Care spokesperson said changes were being considered to drive forward the integration of health and care services and details would be set out in due course.

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  1. Surely now is the time to reverse the closure of all our community hospital beds, bringing them back into service for step down care and end of life care close to communities. If Boris Johnson wants to achieve a closer link between health and social care, especially for the older population, this should be the first step.


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