We have an over emphasis on bringing more tourism to the South West.

Owl is raising this comment on employment priorities , made in response to the Heart of the South West Local Enterprise Partnership’s remarks about investment in the South West to a full post,

It was made by Peter Hill Labour’s contender for Tiverton West division in May’s council election. This lies outside Owl’s normal hunting ground but the views expressed resonate with Owl and offset the predominant caravan park culture of East Devon. 

[This post, first seen on EDW, is being used as the basis of a press release]. 

I think that there is an over emphasis on bringing more tourism to the South West. Unfortunately tourism brings lower paid service sector jobs and like all of the service sector has proven to be fragile during the pandemic.

The tourism sector has benefited from staycations during the pandemic but as soon as people that can afford to holiday in the UK can ski, visit France in the summer and attend concerts the demand for staycations will probably drop significantly. It will become “so last year” and I am sure “staycations” will become a feature of stand up comedy routines especially if the weather in summer 2021 doesn’t live up to summer 2020.

Fortunately the South West has always been a highly productive area in terms of food and drink production plus manufactured goods. these are the industries we should build on to bring highly skilled, rewarding and better paid jobs to the south West.

We should discourage home workers from moving from other regions to the South West as they push up housing prices and consume local public services without bringing jobs to the area or contributing to the local economy or participate in the social activities of their local communities as much as people that work locally in manufacturing, agriculture, food and drink production or local services.


Peter Hill Labour Party Tiverton West and director of a local manufacturing company