Proposed boundary changes and coastal communities

A correspondent writes:

One benefit of the proposed boundary changes is that there will be 2 coastal towns in the Honiton constituency and not one (Seaton).  Parish, with his Somerset farming background and farming interests in Parliament, seemed oblivious to the needs of the coast.  Perhaps now Sidmouth is included any future MP might feel the need to balance rural and coastal issues more carefully than heretofore.

Though maybe it would have been more sensible to split the constituencies into “East Devon Rural” and “East Devon Coastal” to allow MPs to concentrate on the very different issues and avoid conflicts of interest.

One thought on “Proposed boundary changes and coastal communities

  1. I could not agree more with this correspondent. The problems in the coastal towns are very different from the problems elsewhere in the rural communities.
    As a Budleigh resident I also am very concerned that the small town will be overlooked and dominated by the difficulties faced by Exmouth. With the old boundaries at least there was some balance with the inclusion of Sidmouth.
    My fear is that the focus will be the “Exeter Commuting Belt” . Budleigh Salterton is entirely in the East Devon AONB , and as such is a protected designated area in the proposed “Build Back Better” agenda.


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