UK is only country in Europe where Covid cases are surging, grim graph reveals…

THE UK is the only country in Europe seeing a surge in Covid cases, grim graphs reveal.

Infections are being driven by the new Delta variant that first emerged in India.

Vanessa Chalmers (Extract)

The UK is the only nation in Europe seeing a surge in Covid cases, having had the lowest infection rate for months

At least 3,500 cases of Delta have been detected in the UK.

But the true figure is likely to be twice as high, given that only half of Covid tests are screened to see which variant they were caused by.

Daily new cases per million people have doubled in the UK between May 25 and June 7, according to official Covid figures collected by Our World in Data.

During the same period, other EU nations have continued on a downward trend.

Only France has seen a marginal uptick in cases, as health officials say there have been scattered clusters of the Delta strain.

The UK, diagnosing 74 cases per million a day, does not have the highest infection rate.

France, the Netherlands and Denmark among those with worser case rates.

However, if the UK’s cases continue to grow at the same pace, it looks to soon overtake those countries. 

Between January and mid-April, the UK’s case rate dwindled rapidly thanks to lockdowns and the vaccine drive.

Meanwhile, the rest of Europe battled a “third wave” which peaked around April time as its jab programme started at a snail pace.

But the tables have turned once more thanks to the Delta variant making its way onto British soil.

It ends an almost three-month spell of the UK having the lowest case rate in Europe.

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  1. How much of this recent increase in the UK’s rate of infection is solely due to the government’s failure to close our borders to travellers from the worst effected areas until weeks after the dangers were well known? It’s pretty clear that the conversations being had about delaying the easing of restrictions on June 21st simply wouldn’t be occurring if 20,000 plus, some of whom carrying the virus, hadn’t been allowed to enter the UK. A self inflicted wound!!!


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