Time to rewrite the CV?

Dominic Raab accused of being ‘missing in action’ as he was on holiday when Kabul fell to Taliban – The Telegraph

Dominic Raab slapped down by ex-head of Army for beach holiday while Kabul fell – Mirror

Tory criticism mounts over Dominic Raab’s handling of Afghanistan crisis – The Guardian

Dominic Raab under pressure as delegated Afghanistan phone call never took place – The Telegraph

Afghanistan blame game erupts as British soldiers fly home – The Times

Dominic Raab ‘will be “toast” at the next reshuffle’ – Daily Mail

Dominic Raab ‘faces axe’ after up to 9,000 people left stranded in Afghanistan… – The Sun

PM claims to back Dominic Raab, but a government insider reckons he’s toast – The Canary

Dominic Raab’s BBC interview savaged as he slams ‘ridiculous’ claims he’ll be sacked – Express

‘Control freak Dominic Raab is toast in the next reshuffle’, govt source claims – Daily Advent

Johnson and Raab blasted for cringe photo op at Afghanistan crisis centre – Mirror

Might a little bit of judicious CV “airbrushing” be needed? – Owl

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