Social Care new clause – how did our MPs vote?

Despite a significant rebellion from his own MPs, Boris Johnson’s much-criticised changes to social care have been approved on a day to forget for the prime minister.

The new clause in the Health and Social Care Bill, which critics say will hit the poorest hardest, passed with just 272 votes – almost 90 short of the total number of Conservative MPs.

Meanwhile 246 MPs, including 19 Tories, voted against the changes, with many arguing it could lead to people living in cheaper houses having their assets wiped out.

The rebellion capped off a day that began with the prime minister fumbling a speech at the Confederation of British Industry (CBI). (

Owl has scanned the record of votes cast and finds Simon Jupp voted “aye” but Neil Parish has no vote recorded so he either abstained or was not present.

This, like the sewage bill, may be subject to amendment by the Lords and to the court of public opinion.