Yet more “goings on” in Honiton Town Council!

There have been mass resignations before.

In September 2020, Honiton and District Chamber of Commerce and Industry cut all ties with Honiton Town Council.

This latest set of mass resignations includes the Mayor Cllr John Zarczynski.

Is this significant? – Owl

Upheaval at Honiton Town Council as six members walk out of meeting and resign

Philippa Davies

Six Honiton Town councillors including chairman Cllr John Zarczynski have resigned after walking out of the full council meeting on Monday, January 10. 

Vice-chairman Cllr Carol Gilson also resigned, along with Cllrs Jill McNally, Luke Dolby, Phil Carrigan and John Taylor. 

They all left the meeting after a vote was taken to approve the coming financial year’s budget and spending plan. The remaining councillors voted to continue the meeting with Cllr Serena Sexton in the role of chairman. 

The week before, on Monday, January 3, Cllr Vera Howard had resigned from the council. 

Honiton Town Council will meet again on Monday, January 17, when a new chairman will be elected and possibly a new vice-chairman. Councillors will also consider making the former Cllr Vera Howard an honorary citizen of the town. 

East Devon District Council will be notified of the seven vacancies. It will post an advert asking if by-elections are demanded, otherwise the vacancies will be advertised by the Town Council for co-option.