Local council by-election: Tories hit with big loss in Michael Gove’s constituency

True Blue Tory Heath Council by-election falls to Lib Dem 2:1 landslide (thanks to “George Dixon” for spotting this one) – Owl

Ninian Wilson  www.thenational.scot 

THE Tories have been hit with a big loss in a local council by-election where Michael Gove is the MP.

As the Tories suffer a relentless barrage of scandals following Boris Johnson’s partygate fine, voters in the traditionally Tory area of Bisley and West End (Surrey Heath) have turned away from the Conservative party.

The Liberal Democrats managed to win almost twice as many votes as the Tories in what Gove will be hoping is not a forecast of things to come for his party in the upcoming May elections.

One Twitter user wrote: “Having lived in this area for a number of years and knowing how true blue it was, take it from me, this is a colossal result”

While the turnout for the election was relatively low, Tories may fear that an election result like this -and those coming up in May – could be seen by voters as an opportunity to voice their anger over the partygate scandal and the controversial Rwanda asylum scheme.