Local Eco-Warriors Fight Back Defending the Environment and their Homes!

From a Correspondent:

We hope that the images below do not ‘stick in the craw’ of Owl, local ornithologists, naturalists and other East Devon environmentalists?

[Owl’s don’t have craws/crops for anything to get stuck in. They either swallow their prey whole or, Owl’s preference, tear them into small pieces and swallow them bit by bit!]

They are published in reply to today’s EDW posting entitled:-

‘VETO PLANS FOR UGLY HOMES, COUNCIL URGED – Could this apply to Clyst St Mary and the Winslade proposals? – Owl’

. . . . and indeed many residents living beside the proposed 15-metre 40 x 4.5 storey flats on a Winslade Park car park, encroaching into a TPO protected woodland and towering above tree-lines and existing 7-metre tall two-storey homes, have submitted their objections to these incongruous proposals (Application No. 21/2217/MRES) sited opposite a Grade II* Listed Historic Manor House in the East Devon rural village of Clyst St Mary.

The phrase ‘ugly homes’ can always be defended and dismissed by Developers as being subjective and based on personal feelings, tastes and opinions – but many will agree on what isand was is not ‘ugly behaviour’ i.e. inappropriate, harmful and disgraceful practices.

The following images show not only the ugly buildings that are proposed for Winslade Park in Clyst St Mary but also the ugly behaviour that has resulted in the recent decimation of large areas of mature trees and hedgerow within this car park area . . . . . and all this has happened before the Reserved Matters Planning Application has even been listed for an East Devon Planning Committee decision by elected planners!

The moment the chainsaws and mechanical chippers began annihilating this valued, natural environment, the residents informed various departments within EDDC – but to date there has been no official verification as to whether such extensive tree felling and hedge removal have authorisation or permission, either under the previous outline planning application or at all? Irrespective of this – these works have been undertaken and are still continuing during the prime bird nesting season, which, is surely, an offence under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, (which appears to recommend a pre-work schedule being agreed by the local authority to ensure no bird nests, bats, wildlife are present within the trees and hedges being removed)? Obviously the Developers have submitted evidence that there are no nesting birds in these areas – although local people did report seeing bird boxes and nests thrown down by their boundaries during the chainsaw massacres – but all evidence has now been chipped into piles of sawdust – along with all the mature trees and hedges! Furthermore, the area that has been destroyed to date totals more than 5m3 of trees – so isn’t a felling licence required from the Forestry Commission, even if the trees do not have the benefit of TPOs (again does such evidence exist)?

Sadly, the birdsong from innumerable, diverse, indigenous bird species – some rare – some more common – have been replaced by the continuing, intrusive drone of the chainsaws!

The images below tell their own story:-

One thought on “Local Eco-Warriors Fight Back Defending the Environment and their Homes!

  1. Enough is enough!
    Anarchy rules in CLyst St Mary
    Where is the EDDC ward councillor when he is needed?
    How come this community always bears the brunt of some really appalling planning applications, and even more appalling planning decisions?
    They appear to regularly suffer from extremely greedy landowners, sewage spills, stream pollutions, bad smells, (large pig unit), noise nuisances , continuous heavy traffic (mainly from the close by Anaerobic Digester Industry) and more than their fair share of new build housing developments – and now this???
    Although I do not live in the village, I do read EDW and visit Clyst ST Mary regularly and I do know that the residents are not backward in coming forward in voicing the concerns about all these issues for many years now – but no one appears to be listening, – not the landowners, not South West Water, nor The Environment Agency and East Devon Planning Officers.

    Surely enough is now enough? Stop this blatant greed now


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