Bookings close for “Closed Hustings”

But wait! 

Is that a photo of the “Lawrence Tower” (or Haldon Belvedere) that Owl sees in the ad for this event?

It only holds around 50 people, isn’t in Exeter and anyone attending would have to climb a spiral staircase.

Furthermore,  it was built by Sir Robert Palk, 1st Baronet of Haldon House in the parish of Kenn, who was an officer of the British East India Company and who served as Governor of the Madras Presidency.

What message is this sending? – Owl

3 thoughts on “Bookings close for “Closed Hustings”

  1. Parking is also at the bottom of a steep drive, though a great place for an Alison Hernandez selfie. Possibly a white herring to prevent members of the public asking questions outside the event.


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