A busy week ahead for Simon Jupp

Readers will remember that Simon Jupp jumped to support Rishi Sunak as soon as his candidacy was announced. 

So this week could well see Simon racing round the constituency in a desperate attempt to shore up support for Sunak by speaking personally to as many members of the party as he can. (See below)

If “his man” fails, it would spell the end of any influence or promotion our Simon might have been hoping for by nailing his colours to the mast so soon.

Sunak’s campaign needs an overhaul. It looks as though it has been run by a bunch of overenthusiastic, inexperienced SPADS .

If you can’t run an effective campaign, how can you run the country? – Owl

Many Conservative MPs believe there is now only a brief window to change the race, with ballot papers delivered to members from Monday. Some prominent backers want Sunak and a large network of supportive MPs to dedicate their time solely to contacting local members directly through phone banks and online group calls to make his case…

Several MPs said that many local members had been relatively easy to persuade to back Sunak over Truss once they had been contacted, arguing that support for the foreign secretary was often soft. However, they said that the “air war” aspects of Sunak’s campaign were simply not reaching the membership, thought to comprise around 160,000 people.

“They’re running it like an election campaign,” said one Sunak backer. “This is very straightforward. There’s 160,000 Tory members dotted around the country. We know who they are. We know where they are. All we have to do is talk to them. The social media campaign, the TV appearances – most of them make no difference to members.

“The vote is very soft, you don’t have to do much to move it. We’re making this far too complicated. There’s brilliant people in charge, but I’m just worried we’re fighting the wrong campaign.”…

Source: www.theguardian.com (Extract)