Cllr Mike Allen, Littletown Green and the trees – the backstory

Mike Allen appears to have been personally involved in getting Littletown Green formally registered in 2011 as a “village green”. Good for him.

This required getting evidence of access and use by local people who have indulged in lawful sports and pastimes over a long period.

In this case evidence was collected from 72 local people, who had used the four acre field for recreation for up to 60 years.

The Honiton town council of the day objected to the application to register the land but EDDC, as landowner, did not.  Devon County Council’s commons registration officer and county solicitor recommended to the county’s Public Rights of Way Committee that the land be registered, and on Thursday 3 March 2011, the committee voted unanimously to register the land.

Emergency Tree Fund Proposal 2023

The Littletown Green tree planting Cllr. Mike Allen interrupted is part of EDDC’s Green Space Design and Management proposals. 

More specifically, it forms part of EDDC aim to plant over 2,000 trees in 2023 and 2024 as part of the Emergency Tree Fund initiative, headed by The Woodland Trust and Devon County Council. 

The proposals aim to enhance the functionality of green spaces for users and wildlife. Consultation was announced last September. As a result of this the Litteltown Green proposal was significantly modified.

Following Cllr. Jake Boneta’s report to EDDC cabinet, Cllr Allen told Honiton Nub News:

“There are times when a protest against an illegal use of public power needs to be made, so I went into the field and started pulling out the bamboo markers used to site the intended trees.”

But here, from Cllr Allen’s point of view, is the rub.

The evidence collected for the 2011 registration was that the land was habitually used for: walks and talks, jogging, bird-watching, picking blackberries, and enjoying this quiet green space in a busy market town.

Owl has previously explained that whilst registered village greens are protected from general encroachment and development, minor “development” (or works) for the better enjoyment of the green for sports and pastimes is permitted.

In this case the planting of trees, following public consultation, would seem to be in accord with the registered historic use and purpose of this particular green and surely could be argued to enhance and sustain that use?

“Illegal use of public power” are strong words.

If Cllr Allen believes this, shouldn’t  he be seeking legal remedies rather than taking the law into his own hands?

It sets a very dangerous example.

One thought on “Cllr Mike Allen, Littletown Green and the trees – the backstory

  1. This field is not very usable during winter due to it becoming muddy – surly the planting of trees will help. A lot of dog walkers stay away during the wet months due to the risk of Alabama foot rot or just too muddy/slippery to enjoy. Cllr Allen seems to have taken ownership and lost the value of community spirit. It is not his job to police the field and surly could have spoken to EDDC to check facts. Sad way to end his term as a councillor.


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