The NHS looks to become a doorstep issue in local elections

So this comment from Tim posted yesterday provides a quick briefing for non-Tory candidates:

It is worth remembering the fiasco around the closure of local hospitals caused by Tory County Councillor Randall Johnson, then local MP Swire, and then Health Sec Matt Hancock.

It was acknowledged by Swire’s wife Sasha that Swire himself was only moved to get involved with Ottery hospital “to piss off Claire Wright” according to his wife’s published diary.

Too little has changed, Randall Johnson is still chair of Devon CC’s Health and Scrutiny Committee and contributing to the Tory lie that the NHS is safe in Tory hands.

May I suggest readers do a search on her name in this website, here’s is one of many results for starters.

One thought on “The NHS looks to become a doorstep issue in local elections

  1. Many of us here in East Devon shall not forget what the Tories did to the people of East Devon when they closed our hospitals/ hospitals beds. They lied, they manipulated meetings; so many of us protested in vain trying to save our hospitals, we attended the meetings at County Hall and EDDC headquarters to witness these shameful meetings. SRJ and most Tory councillors appeared to hold the public in contempt, they defiantly betrayed us.
    The Tories through and through are seemingly out to destroy the NHS.
    No we shall not forget! Vote for them again; Never ever!!


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