Should Ms Hernandez be adding her name to Tory election leaflets?

Setting aside Ms Hernandez’s typo gaffes and being serious for a moment.

Alison Hernandez signed this oath of impartiality on taking office after being re-elected, pledging to serve ALL the people of Devon and Cornwall:

This is what the government said when they set up the new role of commissioner:

“The swearing of an oath will be an important symbol of this impartiality, emphasising both the significance of this new role in local communities and that commissioners are there to serve the people, not a political party or any one section of their electorate.” See here

The commissioner must not only be impartial but be seen to be impartial.

Despite this, Alison Hernandez appears to see no conflict in adding her clearly partisan statement to the leaflet East Devon Conservatives recently distributed to residents in which they publicise their six election pledges, directly below the pledge from Conservative Group Leader Phil Skinner.

In this she omits to mention Richard Foord (LibDem) MP, the other East Devon MP, only that she will work closely with Simon Jupp MP and Conservatives in East Devon.

Does this exclude working closely with any non-Tory East Devon District Council?

Her statement, apparently made as Police and Crime Commissioner, comes at a sensitive time when we are still trying to find out why the police took so long to investigate John Humphreys and why his eventual arrest and formal charging was kept a closely guarded secret so that he continued as a councillor, with all the access to children that gave him.

In August 2021 Humphreys was jailed for sexually assaulting boys. He had been arrested in 2016 and continued as a district councillor until 2019.