Local flooding – who cares?

February 2020:  John Hart says “you are on your own”. 

Following a week of flooding, the County Council Lib Dems had called for millions more to be spent on improved drainage. Council Leader, John Hart’s solution, however, is to encourage a modern day dad’s army of individuals, villages and Parish Councils, where they care, to do more for themselves. Self-help, he said, is going to be the order of the day.

October 2021: Cllr Jess Bailey on flooding in Tipton St John Primary: “I saw myself first-hand the risks of flooding in October 2021 when after heavy rain the school was surrounded by lakes of water – and water was lapping at the doors of the buildings.

“I have witnessed children as young as four and five practising their escape drill with a rope across the road to prevent children being swept away in the rising waters.”

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