Devon and Cornwall set for bumper tourist seasons

Unfortunately, “economic growth” in East Devon means more industrial sheds and executive housing on our countryside, not investing in our tourism base. Tourism barely gets a mention our local plans.

EDDC will no doubt point to the “Exmouth Seafront” project as their contribution. But what has Exmouth and Seaton regeneration brought us so far: a massive Tesco in Seaton (maybe now under the Tesco CEO’s beady eye?) and executive and retirement housing and a very small visitor centre sandwiched between Tesco and the main road, pushing the tramway into the background; Exmouth: a Premier Inn that promised 50 jobs and delivered (maybe) max 25 (the top 2 of which were filled by Premier Inns in advance)and a seafront “attraction” that will be a highly-expensive to use clone of many other seaside areas, destroying the unique charm of the current seafront.