Overview and Scrutiny Committee, 14 January 2015 at 10 am Knowle


If high priority schemes wish to be advanced by members, such as Exmouth Town Hall refurbishment, then consideration could be given to the financial position of not utilising NHB monies to reduce loan repayments for the Exmouth Regeneration schemes and to use this funding on such projects but this will have revenue implications in borrowing costs.”

Our translation: We have spent the relocation money. If you want more then you will have to think about taking it from elsewhere, such as the New Homes Bonus, but if you do, there will be less money for the Exmouth regeneration scheme  currently taking that money. (Elsewhere in the document it warns not to get too reliant on doing this as the Government might move the goalposts).  Cost neutral, eh?

And it appears that “Implement provisions of Transparency Code legislation” responsibility goes to EDDC employee Terry Wilson to whom we offer our sincere condolences.


One thought on “Overview and Scrutiny Committee, 14 January 2015 at 10 am Knowle

  1. At the EDDC Overview and Scrutiny Committee on 14 January I attempted to ascertain what the “revenue implications in borrowing costs” of refurbishing Exmouth Town Hall would be. Although I asked several times how much extra EDDC would have to pay to finance the work, I regret to say I left the meeting no wiser than I had been before it.


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