Local MP wakes up to his constituency’s planning issues!

As the General Election approaches, Hugo Swire MP will be holding a meeting in Woodbury Village Hall on Friday, 20th February from 6.30 till 8.0 p.m. to discuss planning issues. Is this a first? There could be a full house!

4 thoughts on “Local MP wakes up to his constituency’s planning issues!

  1. The latest idea for keeping cost down and safety. It has been suggested we use solar power lights all along the coast cycle track
    If it happens “Great,” some 10 years ago EDDC planning dept, was suggesting that any new large development should include solar panels to be built in the roofs so to light up the walkways and parking area’s, again for safety and cost savings.
    Before the last Election our MP was asked at a meeting of his electorate, if he agreed with this policy, His answer then was this would not be appropriate in Devon as we have so many thatched properties, which would make this highly improbable.


  2. Unlike the expenses claims, too little too late.
    We are now fortunate enough to have a parliamentary candidate in Claire Wright who has already demonstrated the qualities needed for a the job of serving East Devon folk. That’s serving East Devon not having East Devon serve the MP.


  3. Look at Claire Wright’s blog and the rolling pictures above it. She has worked tirelessly for years to protect East Devon and got kicked non-stop by the Tories for doing it. Where was Swire then?


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