Marketing the Jurassic Coast…

….is a complicated business.
Latest aerial views keep us up to date with what’s happening, with EDDC planners’ approval:

And bodies such as the Environment Agency alert us to some of the problems..Has this one been solved?? :

One thought on “Marketing the Jurassic Coast…

  1. When it comes to our Council marketing our envious position of being at the western end of the beginning of the Jurassic coast our own conservative councilors have been environmentally lamentable, in addressing even it’s educational advantage.
    They in 2005 missed the chance of funding for the feasibility study for a proposed interpretation and visitors centre.
    A great deal of work in preparing a bid had been done persuading the powers back then, with the importance of the project.
    There was no doubt how Seaton has conducted it’s own funding on how economically and how environmentally beneficial the visitors centre will be, in now claiming their centre as the start of the Jurassic coast line. Our council messed up big, EDDC would sooner share a bed with Whitbread PLC in a Premier Inn on our Sea Front then embarking on a major renovation of the council owned Hall in the interest of what David Cameron was forecasting at that time, the announcement of his idea of a principal in which a community would take the lead in such a precedence as taking over the running of village halls etc.
    The 11,000 people who signed a petition, along with the £250,000 for the reconstruction was to no avail. But Councilor Ian Thomas a cabinet member and portfolio holder, and his coastal community team for Seaton managed to secure it.


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