“Improved recycling” = fewer collections!

EDDC believes that by including cardboard in recycling collections it can reduce collection of other waste from once a fortnight to once every three weeks. There is concern from families that this will be inadequate and the problem of build-up of disposable nappies will increase. In the past, East Devon has responded to this by suggesting parents change to terry cloth nappies and wash them instead:


One thought on ““Improved recycling” = fewer collections!

  1. There were concerns in Feniton, one of the trial sites, about storing nappies ready for the three-weekly collection, but EDDC has confirmed that these will be picked up separately on a fortnightly basis.

    I actually think the new recycling contract is a very positive move, but will require people to be slightly more organised about what they put into the landfill bins. So much waste comes from food packaging these days (cardboard and plastic) and all this can now go into the recycling bin for weekly collection.

    Starting in September, the new system will be trialled in Feniton and the Colony area of Exmouth. EDDC is looking for ‘Recycling Champions’ in these areas to feed back on the trial.


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