Beach Huts: where’s the news? It’s not happy-clappy

Spotlight last night featured East Devon beach hut owners up in arms about proposed changes that would see the agreements between hut renters and EDDC torn up in favour of an auction of five year leases of sites only which would go to the highest bidder. There would be no restriction on where new leaseholders would come from. ITV regional news featured this item last week too.

Apparently, Leader Diviani was pictured on an East Devon beach yesterday saying that the idea would be looked at again due to the backlash from local renters which he appears not to have anticipated.

Pulmans View titles has carried articles on this hot topic and mention of two meetings in Sidmouth and Seaton about it.

And the Herald titles? Not a mention in this week’s Midweek Herald. In fact, we must give an award for the most Good News About East Devon to the Midweek Herald. It DID carry an article on industrial estate tenants being kicked off EDDC Heathpark estate to make way for a housing development and an item on SW water polluting the River Axe but the rest of the paper was totally happy-clappy Good News – not even a mention of the new Local Plan public investigations next week.

Whatever happened to investigative journalism and controversial local news? It seems alive and well at the View titles but not in Archant titles.

There were, however, a lot of EDDC official notices at the back of the Archant newspapers though – mostly about planning developments. Indeed, Archant received over 90% of EDDC’s not inconsiderable £200,000 newspaper advertising budget last year.

One thought on “Beach Huts: where’s the news? It’s not happy-clappy

  1. You said apparently Diviani was pictured on a beach…. The item I saw on Spotlight was an interview with Mark Williams. It should have been Diviani, he’s allegedly the leader of the council , whilst Williams is a paid(overpaid) employee.
    DCC news is almost always delivered by John Hart, the county council leader.
    Perhaps Diviani is scared of searching questions, although Spotlight don’t often ask the most searching ones.


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