Happy Clappy Midweek Herald!

Just to throw you off the scent, there is a “controversial” story on the front page but thereafter we continue to luve in Utopian East Devon!

A mildly critical story about EDDC ignoring the protected species of bat in their relocation plans is relegated to a small article on page 15 which gives more prominence to EDDC’s views than anyone else’s.

And Neil Parish is lauded for his efforts to publicise heart disease but NOTHING about him saying that the public (ie us) should be encouraged to “get behind” fracking.

We do at least still have the “View from” titles to give us a more balanced set of new stories each week.

Oh, and a quickie mentioned by someone from Sidmouth last week: why does the Sidmouth Herald carry a Beer news page when the Midweek Herald doesn’t? Beer is about 10 miles from Sidmouth and about 2 miles from Seaton. It couldn’t be snobbery, surely!

One thought on “Happy Clappy Midweek Herald!

  1. It isn’t about providing news – it’s about getting an audience for the advertisers. Content is immaterial.


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