Mark Williams early exit from South Somerset

Wonder if there will be a gagging agreement between EDDC and SSDC re their discussions and decisions about Mr Williams sudden and unanticipated early exit as part-time CEO at South Somerset?

South Somerset will be losing over £100,000 on the deal and it seems EDDC is seamlessly doubling the CEO’s hours, costing us a fair old whack too as this will not have been included in this year’s budget.

We will probably never know.

Still, at least Mr Cohen should have much less to do with his boss back in the driving seat full time, which can only be a good thing. He will have time to reflect on the Information Commissioner’s comments that EDDC (under his lead for the relication project) was considered discourteous, unhelpful and misleading at the recent court case and he can think of ways to rehabilitate EDDC’s reputation – something that could take many hours.