Committee stitch-ups: they happen everywhere

We know all about them in East Devon but they go all the way to the top!

Heathrow opponents Justine Greening, Theresa May and Philip Hammond have been excluded from a Cabinet committee which will rule on expansion of airport capacity in the South East.”

Devon Police and Crime Commissioner “exremely concerned” about budget cuts

And there is diddly-squat he on his £85,000 plus expenses salary or his 30 plus staff at a cost of £300,000 plus can do about it:

Hogg salary:

Number of Staff:

Perhaps one of the 40% savings demanded by Mr Osborne could be these useless posts all over the country.

Cart before horse and jumping the gun at Knowle with Pegasus Life ?

Mention is made in today’s Midweek Herald that contracts have been exchanged with Pegasus Life for a residential and assisted living complex at Knowle, with a spa and restaurant which will be open to the public.

Isn’t there just the little problem of putting in a planning application and getting it approved first?

Or is this not the way things are done in East Devon?

Their 16 storey high-rise development in Sutton Coldfield wasn’t popular:

Network Rail is VERY unhappy with them in Dawlish and said they could be committing an “act of nuisance”:

and their demolition of part of a Grade 2 listed mansion in Sevenoaks to provide a car park and kitchens wasn’t well received either: