Tangled LEP webs …

Recent comment on EDW:

“Please note that the man who claims to have “initiated the East Devon Business Forum” is on the HotSWLEP panel, together with his CEO, and that the former joined the LEP when the East Devon Business Forum disbanded following the exposure and [subsequent resignation of] fellow EDBF member Cllr G Brown in 2013.”

[And also note another member of the LEP is former EDDC Regeneration Supremo Karim Hassan, now CEO of Exeter City Council. Diviani and Hassan will be in charge of all the extra housing that the LEP says the two counties need – nearly 180,000 of them].

One thought on “Tangled LEP webs …

  1. Ah! Karime Hassan…. I did think that when he absconded back to Exeter he’d have no further influence over the despoilation of East Devon …. And now he’s in cahoots with Diviani!
    The thick plottens!!
    They just can’t keep their bloody noses out can they!


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