The new political landscape

““If you haven’t got money, you vote out.” We were in Collyhurst, the hard-pressed neighbourhood on the northern edge of Manchester city centre last Wednesday, and I had yet to find a remain voter. The woman I was talking to spoke of the lack of a local park, or playground, and her sense that all the good stuff went to the regenerated wonderland of big city Manchester, 10 minutes down the road.”

or, in the case of East Devon:

If you are not in with the powerful in-crowd, you vote out. If you are in Axminster on the hard-pressed eastern side of East Devon … that has seen its local playing fields gobbled up by a developer, a muddy broken-down S106 playground that has been hedged in by mean housing, feeling that all the good stuff has gone to the councillors and senior officers in their new HQ in Honiton and the “regenerated” Seaton 10 minutes down the road?