Nuclear south-west

… Referring to study commissioned by the Heart of the South West LEP, he added that the next 20 years is expected to see “up to £50 billion of nuclear-related opportunity” generated in the South West. …”

That would be the Heart of the South West LEP where a large number of its Board members – who make the decisions about how to spend millions of pounds in Devon and Cornwall – are in the nuclear industry … and which is in charge of our devolution bid.


Swire has the wobblies

“… Mr Swire, minister of state for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, has already raised the possibility that he might not be in the new cabinet.

Tweeting ahead of FCO departmental questions this morning, he wrote that he is “preparing for possibly my last FCO Oral Questions”. …

Oh no, if he gets sacked, instead of answering oral questions in Parliament about foreign policy he will be relegated to asking oral questions about East Devon! And mixing with the likes of Diviani, Moulding, Skinner and Hughes!

Anyone volunteering to give him a crash course on East Devon and its problems?

Still, perhaps Dave will “elevate” him to the House of Lords – we can but hope!